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Hi all,

This is my very first ever blog post! Not sure why I have chosen this as my first subject, but I just have to talk about it.

Cats... independent, curious, moody, pain inducing, schizophrenic, paranoid, take you or leave you attitude....BUT, also cuddly, sweet, affectionate, funny, good photography subjects (they will lay there without a care in the world while you snap away), and super cute (as kittens that is).

Disclaimer: I am NOT a cat person. : )

But, our pet black cat Bella is pretty cool. We rescued her from a shelter as a kitten as a gift for our son, named her Bella because it sounded close to belly as she loved being laid upside down and getting her belly and chest rubbed. The first day we got her, my wife and kids went shopping and running errands, and I took care of the kitten I didn't want. And definitely didn't want a black cat....reminds me of Halloween and general spookiness. But we bonded and now I am her favorite in the house.

We love her but she has a tendency to eat paper, cardboard, receipts, bills. She even ate some of my wife's grading papers from school. How often does the Teacher show up and tell the student her cat ate the homework. LOL. Like most cats she pushes everything off of tables, for no apparent reason other than to test gravity.

So whats the tie in to a blog on Fine Art America you might ask? She has provided some wonderful photographs as well, some of which are posted in my gallery. Check it out and leave a comment, superlative, or just say Hi and express your thoughts about your cat.

Take care!

......Well, that's my first ever blog post. Riveting, wasn't it? : ) On to think about what will be the next post....various pasta shapes...why you should never eat frozen meatballs...if your are in a drought, wash your car.....